Brand Story

In 1978, Mr.Stanley Suen, who was born in a family of clothing, moved from Hong Kong to Paris in his youth and completed his further studies in fashion design and technology in France and Italy. Living in a fashion city, The numerous historical buildings, religions, fine arts, literature and even the whole old city of Paris bring Mr. STANLEY SUEN infinite creative inspiration, all of which greatly touched Mr. STANLEY SUEN and strongly inspired Mr. STANLEY SUEN to own his own brand dream. In the same year, "MONDIAL ATELIER" was founded in the fashion capital of Paris, meaning "worldwide clothing art creation".So far has been more than 30 years of brand history. "MONDIAL ATELIER" hopes to spread the beauty of the art of dress to the world, and to give this beauty to all women, so that they will be treated with dignity and respect.

Brand Style

"MONDIAL ATELIER" is targeted at successful professional women aged 35-45. She combines baroque style, flamboyance, graceful lines and opulence with the sweet lightness, exquisiteness and luxuriance of rococo style. "MONDIAL ATELIER" is inspired by French romanticism and long-standing Oriental culture. Through the designer's clever integration of Oriental charm and European and American clothing culture, the "MONDIAL ATELIER" fashion, classic and elegant style is achieved. "MONDIAL ATELIER" allows women to find a pleasing self and show the noble style of being respected.

Global Resource Integration

From the history of "MONDIAL ATELIER" fashion release, we can see that whether it is the early "romantic garden", "deep luxury texture", "city of flowing gold", or the recent "red attachment", "blue rise", "wandering romance and gentleness", all reflect the classic expression of MONDIAL ATELIER brand style. Although these trends have different performances in different periods, they will eventually become the mission of the brand after nearly 40 years of lead China.

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