Cooperation Case

Over the years, the company for aviation, finance, railway, court, tax, judicial, industry and commerce and other industries systematic production of all kinds of clothing, has accumulated rich experience, the annual production of millions of customized clothing, with many well-known customers.

Large Shipping Companies Cooperation Case

In the aviation system, we have cooperated with Indonesia Airlines, China Southern Airlines, East China Sea Airlines, Asia Airlines and so on. As we all know, the uniform of the aviation system is extremely strict and harsh to the selection of suppliers, especially for the representation of the airline's overall image of the flight attendant clothing is required to improve, and "Mondial Atelier" has provided group uniform service for flight attendants of many airlines for nearly 25 years.

Large Bank Cooperation Case

Through our excellent design, production and strong after-sale ability, over the years to serve the major banks in the country. The company has a product service team composed of more than 20 people, equipped with professional weight division, responsible for product pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, timely and convenient to provide customers with "integrity-based, customer first" uniform customization service.

Sme Coperation Case

The company in the organization and management of the implementation of "people-oriented" humanized management, and strive to make every employee's enthusiasm, initiative, creativity can give full play to; At the same time, combined with scientific and reasonable rules and regulations, the implementation of quality, technology, production process of scientific system management, supplemented by the system software, to ensure the continuous improvement and improvement of product quality, market services.